49. Finding Good Friends

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“We can’t win when we go it alone.” -Jessica Honegger

In this week’s podcast, I share more of my struggle with friendships. I talk about the truths that have set me free to develop deep relationships and some of my best tips for finding good friends. If you’ve struggled to develop deep relationships or you know someone who struggles with finding and keeping friends, I hope this episode encourages you.

Jesse and I also share what’s saving our lives this week and we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Jesse just got back from an awesome fishing trip in Louisiana, and due to weather, there were a lot of flight delays. He was so thankful that we invested in TSA Pre-check. And I’m just in love with my leopard print flats. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and they’ve added a fun pop to my wardrobe.

Also, we talk about a book I listened to that Jesse talked about on a previous episode… and let’s just say that I had some pretty strong opinions to share about it. 🙂

In This Episode: 

[01:01] Jesse chats about his fishing trip to Louisiana.

[03:19] What’s saving our lives right now? For Jesse, it is TSA Pre-check. For me, it’s my leopard print flats!

[06:24] Listen in to hear what books we are reading/listening to — and how Jesse has such different tastes in books!

[12:41] I read an email from a listener who’s honesty inspired this episode.

[14:11] The first step to finding good friends: Learn to let go of the lies you believe about yourself and replace those lies with truth.

[16:39] Seek relationship, not approval and stop looking for perfection.

[21:08] Be the initiator when reaching out to new friends.

[23:30] Go first with honesty! It’s worth the risk.

[24:10] Don’t give up too soon!

[25:03] Believe the best in the other person.

[25:27] Keep short accounts.

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