64. My Word for 2020 (+ my goals for this week!)

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Like usual, as the year winds down and we head into November, I start thinking of what over-arching theme I want to pursue in the following year. My word for the year came pretty easily to me, as it often does.

I sat with it for a few weeks to make sure I really loved it. And then I asked Jesse for his thoughts. He agreed that the word seemed fitting for 2020.

So without further ado, my word for 2020 is: Savor.

What Does Savor Mean?

There are a variety of definitions for savor, but the basic definition is, “to taste or smell with pleasure.” I decided to expand my own personal definition of savor to encompass slowing down and fully experiencing life through my senses.

I love how Vocabulary.com defines it:

Whether it’s a feeling of joy or a piece of pecan pie — when you savor something, you enjoy it to the fullest.

When you savor something, you enjoy it so much that you want to make it last forever. With that in mind, savor carries a connotation of doing something slowly. If you savor that flourless chocolate tart, then you eat it slowly, bit by bit, deliberately picking every last crumb off the plate. The word is often applied to eating, but you can savor any pleasurable experience, whether it’s the winning touchdown or your moment in the spotlight.

Why Did I Choose This Word?

My personality is one that doesn’t tend to do life slowly. I usually have an end goal in mind with almost everything and I can put my head down, my blinders on, and just aim straight for that objective.

While there are good things about this tendency, it also means that I often miss a lot of beauty and experience along the way. This year, I want to take the time to really stop and savor life, to experience the richness of the everyday, and to notice what I’m tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, and feeling.

I plan to not only be aware of this as I go throughout each day, but I also am going to set 2-3 goals per week that are focused on helping me use my senses to more fully experience life.

To hear more about this word and why I chose it for 2020, be sure listen to this week’s podcast episode where I share more about choosing a word for the year, a book I just finished, a remedy that’s helping with my hacking cough, and more about weekly goal-setting versus yearly goal-setting.

In This Episode: 

[01:07] Happy New Year! It feels like it has been forever since we’ve recorded a podcast! Listen in for a quick recap of our holiday!

[05:36] Vicks VapoRub with socks is saving my life this week!

[07:33] I finished An Invisible Thread on the drive home.

[10:15] Why choose a word of the year and what was mine from 2019?

[11:33] My word for 2020 is Savor. I share more about choosing this word.

[14:13] How do I plan to live this out?

[16:35] My goals for week 1 – January 2020 are…

[19:31] What is your word of the year? How are you setting your goals in 2020?

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