69. Answering all your pregnancy questions

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Over the past few months, we’ve gotten lots of questions about this very unexpected and surprise pregnancy. So we decided to devote a podcast episode specifically to answering these questions.

We had so much fun answering them — and talking about the books we’re reading and two things that are saving our lives right now. In this episode, we share:

  • A body wash I’m loving
  • How Jesse finally came to the dark side and joined me in loving joggers
  • Books we’re reading and loving right now
  • Our thoughts on the big age gap between Silas and this baby (11 years)
  • How having older kids has changed our perspective on this pregnancy
  • Why we’re going to an OB instead of a midwife this time
  • What medication I took to help my nausea
  • Differences in this pregnancy versus my other pregnancies
  • What I’m doing differently this time around — especially when it comes to postpartum
  • Little snippets of the birth stories of our other three kids.
  • And a lot more!

In This Episode: 

[03:06] Aromatherapy Sleep body wash is saving my life this week.

[05:29] Jesse’s finally realized why I love joggers so much!

[06:45] What Jesse has been reading: Hunter Killer and E-Myth Real Estate Investor.

[07:57] My passionate thoughts about The Whole-Brain Child.

[12:47] The pregnancy apps I’ve been using

[15:33] Our thoughts on the age gap between the older three kids and the new baby.

[20:09] Why you should give yourself grace around the fatigue that being pregnant brings.

[21:20] Hear my advice for dealing with anxiety while pregnant.

[23:19] Jesse shares his advice on how men can support women through the course of pregnancy.

[25:11] There have been a lot of firsts with this pregnancy, like taking medications and having an OB instead of a midwife.

[28:28] Listen as I share the stories of the kids’ births and how they’ve affected my outlook with this birth.

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