70. How I Read 15 Books in January

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“How did you manage to read 15 books in January?”

I’ve gotten this question over and over again the past two weeks. Truth be told, I had to stop and ask that question myself when I got to the end of January and realized I had finished 15 books in the first month of the year!

As I reflected on the last month, I realized that there are 4 tweaks I made in January to how I approached reading that made a big difference… even though they were really minor tweaks.

How I’m Fitting In More Reading Time

1. I stopped answering Instagram messages (or getting distracted on Instagram) while on the treadmill and instead I use 20-30 minutes of my walking time each day to read a book.

2. I began setting weekly reading goals that I’m posting on MoneySavingMom.com. This has been highly motivational for me to set weekly goals instead of yearly goals.

3. I started listening to audiobooks again and try to get in at least an hour of audio listening while cleaning, cooking, getting ready in the morning, or driving by myself.

4. I revived family read aloud time again — something that we’d let go of in recent years.

In this episode, I share more about how I’m making each of these tweaks happen and the way that they are making such a difference in our life.

In This Episode: 

[02:46] I’ve been reading Originals by Adam Grant and had several takeaways. 

[07:38] We recently got a couple of suggestions from our listeners. Listen in!

[09:16] Jesse has been geeking out on our new soundboard.

[11:15] My Spalding leggings have been saving my life.

[13:01] I dive into how I read more. Specifically how I read 15 books in January.

[15:53] How reading instead of scrolling Instagram has made such a difference.

[17:32] My practical suggestions for fitting in more audiobook listening.

[20:12] Why (and how!) we started prioritizing family reading time again.

[22:55] The difference that tracking my reading and setting weekly reading goals has made for me.

[24:27] Bonus tip: How reading multiple books at once allows me to read more quickly too.

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