71. “How do you stay so positive?”

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“How do you stay so positive?”

I’ve been asked this question by multiple people in multiple ways recently so Jesse and I decided to devote a podcast episode to the topic.

I thought it would be insightful for us to both talk about this, because I tend to be more of glass half full kind of person while Jesse is more of a glass half empty person.

But it’s been so cool to watch Jesse intentionally work to develop more of a positive outlook on life. He shares how he has done that and how it has impacted him.

We also talk about what it looks like to choose our attitude, practical ways we seek to do this, why gratitude can make such a difference, how to feed your souls with good things, and practical things we do to uplift our souls.

In addition to talking about staying positive, we also talk about dry shampoo, Thin Mints, our kids’ thoughts on how read alouds have benefited their lives, why the kids want to limit the baby’s exposure to screens, the flu, and the Enneagram. As usual, it was quite a diverse array of topics!

In This Episode: 

[00:25] Greetings from the flu-infested Paine house.

[01:53] To keep himself fortified, Jesse decided to get some Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. 😉

[02:44] A listener asks: Are you trying to hold on to your kids’ childhoods through bringing back read aloud time?

[05:41] All three of our kids have very strong opinions and plans for investing in the baby’s life.

[08:12] My book for this week was The Path Between Us. This opened up some new methods of communication for Jesse and me.

[11:14] Dry shampoo is saving my life. Learn why.

[13:32] How can you stay positive when things are hard? Is it easier for some people? 

[15:53] Jesse feels like he may be wired to be more negative, but you get to choose your attitude.

[18:23] Even with the week they’ve had while being sick with the flu, the kids still try to see the positive as well. It’s an intentional choice to be positive.

[20:36] If you’re not a naturally positive person, you have to work that muscle and it’ll get easier.

[23:02] Counting your blessings and being intentional about taking them in and naming them helps bring positivity to the forefront.

[25:06] Keep in mind that someone else likely would love to be in your shoes for any number of your blessings. 

[26:00] An important word on when to seek professional help.

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