75. Parenting with Confidence (with Becky Keife)

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I know that the whole world is kind of in upheaval right now and there’s a lot of unknown and uncertainty. I debated whether to go ahead and go with this podcast that was planned for the week as it didn’t really have much of anything to do with what’s going on in the world.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that probably some of you would like a break from the incessant stream of news. Also, I know that many families are going to be hunkering down over the next few weeks (or longer) and spending a lot of time at home as a family.

I realized that, with this in mind, maybe this was the perfect episode for this week — because we moms need to be reminded that God has given us the kids He has and He knows that there is no better mom for the job of raising our kids than us.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by Becky Keife, author of No Better Mom for the Job, to discuss what it means to feel confident in your motherhood.


Becky had three boys in three and a half years… and I think that in itself is enough for us to sit up and listen to what she has to say! 🙂 While no parenting journey is easy, there are certainly those with more trials to go through. Becky shares what it was like having three boys at such young ages and how she managed during those times. 

It wasn’t until she really leaned into her faith, however, that she found the confidence to take ownership of her motherhood. So many times she felt like she was failing her children and the the Lord had given those babies to her at the wrong time. She didn’t feel like the right mother for the job. 

Through seeking the Lord and finding her confidence in His goodness and love, her attitude changed. In this episode, she shares her journey to more confident parenting, owning her gifts (and being okay with areas that weren’t her gifts!), how she has learned to embrace her active and “spirited” boys and the personalities God has given them, and how parenting has changed as her kids have gotten older.

I hope our conversation encourages you — wherever you are in your parenting journey — that there is no better mom for the job!

In This Episode: 

[01:19] Becky shares about being a mom to 3 spirited boys born in 3 1/2 years!

[04:56] I read a quote from the book that discusses God’s love and how that contributes to confidence in parenting.

[07:09] Was it a long process to get to the place of finding your confidence in God as a parent?

[08:22] We talk candidly about how every mom is so different and Becky shares how she made peace with not being a mom who could take her kids to the park.

[12:51] How do you approach delighting in high-energy children without crushing their spirit? 

[15:57] When you’re in the thick of things, you may not feel like you’re the right mom. 

[17:24] What would Becky say to the moms who feel like they aren’t qualified and don’t have any special gifts or talents?

[20:42] There is a power in community. Learn how to build connections with other moms.

[23:37] Being fine isn’t the point. Hear why!

[24:49] How can you parent with confidence as your kids get older?

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