The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go.

Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, I my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go."

Crystal is a wife, mom of 3, speaker, author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding as well as

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81. Kierstyn’s Birth Story

We’re back! Jesse and I have really missed recording podcasts, but it was also nice to take a break and figure out a good rhythm of having three older kids and two babies.  In this episode, we not only share Kierstyn’s birth store but we also answer the questions many of you have asked over…

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80. Parenting in the Middle of a Pandemic

A lot of you have asked for my thoughts on how we’re dealing with the Pandemic as parents. Every child is different and you know your kids best, so I’m only sharing how we are approaching things at our house… and these principles can be applied to many different seasons of upheaval. Here are some…

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79. Our Craziest Travel Stories

I usually have almost endless ideas for content. However, with the world in so much upheaval, I’ve struggled with how to be a podcaster. Should I only talk about the pandemic because it’s impacting everyone’s lives or should I go ahead with producing normal content? As I was grappling through this, I decided to ask…

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78. Creative Ideas for Family Fun at Home

(The kids have been coming up with lots of unique and fun projects to try at home. Kaitlynn made mini s’mores the other day!) By popular request, we had fun this week sitting down and talking about some of our favorite creative family fun things to do at home. If you are looking for some…

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77. Answering your burning questions as a family (Quarantine Edition)

Since we all have been home pretty much 24/7 recently self-isolating, we thought it would be fun to do a laid-back family episode for the podcast week. I asked on Instagram what questions you’d love for us to discuss as a family, and you all submitted such great ideas. In this episode, we talk about:…

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76. BIG updates from our house (with a guest appearance by Kathrynne)

Well, like I’ve alluded to other places online, the past two weeks have been packed full of so many different, unexpected things. Some good, some hard, some just plain different than what we expected. It feels almost as if we’ve lived through an entire month in just a week’s time. In this week’s podcast episode,…

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75. Parenting with Confidence (with Becky Keife)

I know that the whole world is kind of in upheaval right now and there’s a lot of unknown and uncertainty. I debated whether to go ahead and go with this podcast that was planned for the week as it didn’t really have much of anything to do with what’s going on in the world.…

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74. Fear, Unknowns, & Courage (tornadoes, COVID-19)

Early Friday morning, our oldest got on a plane to fly to Suriname (in South America) for 9 days with a teacher and a small group of girls from school. (This picture was taken at a park there yesterday.) This is the girl who — just 5 years ago — was scared and completely uncomfortable…

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73. Overcome Burnout & Get Your Joy Back (with John Eldredge)

Feeling burdened, weary, tired, or heavy-hearted today? Try the One-Minute Pause! Here’s how it works: Set a timer for 60 seconds. Take a few deep breaths. Then, verbally release the weight of what you are carrying. “I release my stress or worry over my job to You, God.” “I release my fear over my child’s…

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72. How to Fall in Love With Your Life

Today’s culture is often one that feels so fast-paced. We are busy and strapped for time. What is this frenetic pace doing to our souls? I’ve been reading Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge and the first chapter of his book and the questions he asked inspired this episode. Many of you know that…

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