The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go.

Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, I my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go."

Crystal is a wife, mom of 3, speaker, author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding as well as

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123. How I Became More Extroverted

For years, I let the belief that I was shy and introverted hold me back. While on the outside, I might have seemed like I was outgoing in some situations, I was constantly second-guessing and psycho-analyzing everything I did… “Do they like me? Did I disappoint them? Should I have been more outgoing or less…

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122. Love-Centered Parenting

When Jesse and I were talking about what topic to tackle for this week’s episode, I said something to the affect of, “Well, I’ve gone on almost 60 other podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows talking about Love-Centered Parenting, but I’ve yet to really dive into the topic on my own podcast. Maybe that would be…

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121. Bad Attitude? Feeling Frustrated? Try this!

In light of so many new and unexpected things in our lives recently, Jesse and I are chatting all about how to maintain a positive attitude in difficult seasons. One of the most important things for me is to focus on how much I am loved by God. Remembering and resting in His love and…

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120. How to Nix Your Negative Narrative (with Jon Acuff)

Do you have a soundtrack on repeat in your head that is repeating negative things and holding you back? Many of us do — often without even realizing it! Jon Acuff joins me on the podcast this week to share about how he discovered these soundtracks in his own life, how they were affecting him…

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119. Phones, Social Media, and Being Present With Our Kids

Do you struggle to set good parameters for social media? In this week’s podcast episode, Jesse and I tackle a question from a listener about how we set boundaries for our phones (trust me, we’re a work in progress when it comes to this, as you’ll find out in the episode!) We talk about different…

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118. 4 Strategies to Feel Less Stressed

I recently shared some strategies on Instagram that have helped me to feel less stressed: 1) Recognize that in most cases, stress is a choice. No one can *make* me stressed (or angry or sad or happy, for that matter). I can choose my response in any situation. I can’t always choose my circumstances, but…

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117. A Trip to Disney + a New Baby! (what a week!)

In this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Jesse and I sit down and give you a fun life update — sharing all about our wild week full of a trip to Disney for Jesse, saying yes to a sweet little foster baby who has medical complexities, learning how to care for him in…

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116. The Big Day is Here!

Just for fun, to celebrate the launch of Love-Centered Parenting, this week on the podcast, we turn the tables and Jesse hosts the show! He interviews me about why I wrote another book when I never thought I would, a real behind-the-scenes look at how I wrote this book, what the editorial process is like…

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115. Un-hurrying Your Heart with Jennifer Dukes Lee

In this age of hurry and hustle where so many feel overworked and overwhelmed, is it possible to slow down? Is it possible to be successful and fulfilled in life while living at a slower pace? What would it take and what would it look like to live in a space of rest with an…

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114. An Honest Conversation About Faith with Angie Smith

We finally made it happen — after having to cancel due to the snow and ice the week before. Angie Smith came over to record a podcast… and we covered a lot of ground in our short interview! Angie is one of those people who is always so honest and also hilarious. Every time I’m…

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